In order to comply with the low voltage regulation, LVD testing companies must first ensure continuity in production activities that comply with the standard. The companies that fulfill this requirement will then prepare a technical dossier and are then expected to evaluate according to an appropriate standard. If there is no appropriate standard, they must make the necessary safety and product regulations.

Tests such as Insulation Test, High Voltage Test, Leakage Current Test, Earth Line Continuity Test are included in LVD test and LVD tests include EN 60335 Safety in Home and Similar Equipment, EN 60204 Safety in Electrical Equipment, EN 60950 Information Technology Equipment EN 60601 Safety standards in Electrical Medical Devices are based.

Electrical tests are performed on the products and then the test results are reported for compliance with the standards. Power measurement on products, Label inspection, Temperature test, Leakage current test, Electrical resistance, Earth continuity, Insulation resistance, Humidification, Fault conditions, Thermal resistance, Electrical resistance for internal conductors, Insulation intervals measurement, Ball pressure test, Capacity discharge test, In-rushcurrent test, Mechanical tests, Component evaluation (transformer etc.), Electric field measurement, EN 50366 test, Balance test, GlowWire test, Flammability test are applied.

For new products manufactured with many parts, the fact that the majority of the parts found are CE marked does not imply that the new product can also be CE marked. The new product, which consists of many parts, must obtain the CE mark after successful testing by repeating the same tests.