Globalqcert is one of the European laboratories working in fire-safety testing and certification. We test hundreds of products annually to characterise their resistance and reaction to fire. We have one-of-a-kind facilities for conducting full-scale tunnel fire testing and large-scale open-air fire testing.
Laboratory fire testing
Certification and global market Access
Fire simulation and full-scale tunnel fire testing

As a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), Globalqcert can help get your product to market faster, with a cGLOBALQCERTus certification. As a product manufacturer, you already know that North America is one of the largest consumers in the world. This region serves as an enormous purchasing power that offers attractive opportunities to manufacturers worldwide. To ensure product quality, the US and Canadian governments have clearly defined regulations which electronics and other products and equipment must satisfy before they can be approved for sale or for use in the workplace. These products are subject to mandatory testing and certification by an independent third-party testing organization who is accredited in the respective country. Globalqcert offers the services and expertise required to test and certify products and equipment in order to get them to the North American market faster.