Mechanisms prepared for working in high working areas are called platforms. There are hanging access equipment, column working platform, elevating mobile work platform, hydraulic scissor platform or mechanical telescopic platform. Lifting and conveying vehicles are classified as vehicles operating under heavy loads. Therefore, it should always be kept under control for safety.
It is suitable to use different platforms according to different needs. a suitable platform is set up for temporary works carried out at elevation in accordance with the requirements of the work to be performed or being done. The structures and sizes of the platforms should be suitable for the characteristics of the work to be carried and the load to be carried, and to ensure that the transitions can be made without danger.
Regardless of the type of platform deemed appropriate for the work to be done, it is important that the platforms are maintained at specified periods in terms of protecting employees on the one hand and responsibilities of the employer in possible accidents on the other. The Occupational Health and Safety Law also requires that platform inspections be performed. In the event of an unintended accident, the first consideration is whether the platform is regularly checked.
Businesses that use these platforms without regular inspections will be primarily responsible for their consequences. An identified and corrected failure during the inspections will prevent further dangers that may arise in the future. Before the platform inspection starts, the first evaluations are made by the inspection and test institutions on the platform's previously made inspection reports.
If a defect is detected in the previous inspection of the platform to be examined, it is desirable to make sure that the defect continues or is corrected. Then the general controls of the platform are performed. The controls of the electrical elements and mechanical controls are then carried out. Then function tests are performed without load. Then, dynamic and static load lifting tests are performed.
In the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, control periods, criteria to be considered during periodical controls and related standards are explained according to the types of machines. Accordingly, platforms must be inspected at least once a year unless another time is stipulated in the relevant standards.
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