Globalqcert GmbH. initiates certification works when it receives document requests from institutions and organizations that establish and operate various management systems. These studies follow a certain process. Although the management system contains different topics, the overall route is the same.

The stages of a certification process can be explained as follows.

Receiving certification request

The first step for an organization to obtain a document is to complete the Application Form completely and completely. When Globalqcert  receives this form, it performs the necessary inspections and if it deems appropriate, it prepares the certification proposal and presents it to the organization. It also gives information about the certification studies to be carried out with the proposal.

If the proposal is approved by the organization, a contract is drawn up. With the signing of this contract, the certification process begins. Globalqcert  appoints an auditor at this stage and audit planning is made by the auditor.

Preliminary examination of the documentation

At this stage, the institution or organization requesting certification should open all documents prepared during the establishment of the relevant management system for preliminary investigations by Globalqcert . These documents, which reach Globalqcert 's office, are examined by the appointed auditor in terms of compliance with the relevant standard. If there are any non-conformities detected, they shall be notified to the institution or organization requesting the documents for the purpose of correcting the deficiencies or correcting the errors.

Identified nonconformities must be eliminated prior to the field inspection. The certification audit cannot start without this. The documents to be revised after the nonconformities have been eliminated are sent to the auditor again. If the auditor is not convinced about the arrangements made, he / she can visit the institution or organization at this stage.

Performing preliminary audit work

After a preliminary examination of the documentation is completed, a preliminary audit work may be carried out in the organization, if requested. In this case, Globalqcert  appoints a lead auditor and conducts a short preliminary audit. Pre-audit work is mandatory for Environmental Management System certification studies only. Apart from that, it depends entirely on the organization's request. In the meantime, the preliminary audit may have a positive effect, but this does not mean that the certification will be positive.

Supervision of certification

Globalqcert  does this work directly in the offices and facilities of the institution or organization requesting documents or in the work areas. In these audits conducted by a chief auditor and a sufficient number of auditors, it is observed that the necessary activities are performed according to the requirements of the standard by conducting the necessary controls and discussing with the employees. If nonconformities are detected during audits that affect the functioning of the relevant system, they are monitored.

The report to be prepared at the end of this activity is submitted to Globalqcert . Globalqcert works by taking the auditor's report and if it is convinced that the organization operates in accordance with the standard and the document is right, it will arrange the related document and submit it to the organization.

Supervision of surveillance

Globalqcert  carries out surveillance audits at least once a year in order to monitor the continuity of the system and to ensure the continuity and efficiency of the system.