Inspection Services

We render inspection services for various industry sectors to help them ensure that their goods conform to applicable quality requirements, specifications, codes regulations and specific market requirements. Our services are aimed at providing assurance to our clients that technical requirements for manufacturing of components, equipment, machinery or assets are met to achieve stakeholder satisfaction.

 We provide the inspection services for following sectors:

  • General Machinery Components
  • Columns, beams, structural fabrications
  • Forgings, castings, pipes, tubes and plates
  • Valves
  • Welded components (non IBR category)
  • Containers
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Hoists and lifting equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Roads and bridges
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Food and agricultural products
  • Textiles, apparel and footwear
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Chemical and Petroleum Products
  • Vendor assessment and evaluation for procurement including quality, environmental, health and safety performance
  • Progress reporting for owner acceptance

Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) &Testing for Tanks,High Pressure Valves and all Types of Polymer & Polyethylene Pipes Under the Supervision of the Following Institutions:((According to the contract with the customer,Samples are sent to the following institutions for testing))

HESSEL Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

Membership in UK Welding Institute (TWI)