ISO 9001, Quality management system standards have been prepared to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of volume and product type. The aim of the system is to provide guidance on how an effective management system can be established, documented and maintained, and to create an atmosphere of trust among firms; to ensure the continuity and improvement of product / service quality through the management of processes, and to give the customer the confidence of the consistency of products and services.

ISO (International Organization For Standardization) was established on February 23 to ensure international standardization. ISO, 1947 with the participation of national standard organizations from the country; It continues its activities in order to increase international trade and build trust between suppliers and customers. These standards are reviewed every five years in order to maintain their applicability, to revise points that require revision or to remove points that require revocation.

The aggravation of competition conditions in the globalizing trade network and the rapid change in technology and communication field leave companies in an economic race where new developments are taking place every day. These conditions of competition have forced companies to have superior qualifications.

As such, changes have started to occur not only for companies but also for customers. Customers exhibit much more conscious behavior than before. This has forced them to go beyond customer expectations in the race between companies. It is becoming more and more important for companies to exceed the expectations that customers can foresee within the framework of today's technological opportunities.

The existence of companies in the ruthless business world where capitalism is extremely dominant nowadays depends on the production of goods or services in accordance with customer needs and expectations, even in any sector.

For all these reasons, it is vital for companies to establish a Quality Management System for the future of the company. The Quality Management System not only makes the company much more stable, but also means to establish the principles of a product or service starting from the design stage to the production, marketing, and after-sales services of a product or service.

ISO 9000 Standards are a kind of quality assurance model that aims to establish a quality system and evaluate the established quality system. In Turkey, the same standards have been published by TSE as TS EN ISO 9000 Standards.

A misunderstood issue is that a quality company with low quality standards will solve all quality problems. These standards clearly tell the firm what is required for quality, but do not specify how to do so. This point is the result of companies' own management understanding. As a result, these standards specify the minimum requirements for an effective Quality Management System.

ISO 9000 Quality Management System Standards are a series of standards. It is a set of standards that serve as a guide in establishing, documenting and maintaining an effective management system, at the same time increasing the customer satisfaction of the companies and establishing the inter-company trust environment. These standards are applicable to all kinds of companies, large and small, regardless of what they produce and how large. It is applicable not only in organizations producing goods or services but also in all sectors.

Apart from all this, the biggest benefit of ISO 9000 Quality Standards is to reduce the costs of organizations, to ensure the efficient use of resources and thus increase revenues. Since quality will be essential at every stage of the activity, this will ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

It is important that the installed systems are documented and maintained in a way that all employees understand. Quality Management Systems should be established and operated as a whole not only for the company, but also for the subcontractors and suppliers that the company is in relation to.

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