Our lift and elevator certification services include:

    Design verification: evaluating design, drawings and specifications against the applicable codes, standards, purchase specification and statutory requirements
    Type-approval of lifts: testing and inspections against specifications, codes, directives and industry standards for your lifts and their components
    Inspections and audits of lifts: complete examination of mechanical, structural, electrical and safety systems, including wire ropes and chains
    Testing of lifts: independent witnessing of equipment performance tests to guarantee that performance values are met

We can help you:

    Assure the safety, performance and integrity of your lifts and their components
    Achieve the required elevator certification of the country you are operating in and ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and safety standards
    Ensure that your lift and its components are regularly assessed, tested and inspected at the right time and in-line with standards, such as the European lifts directive compliance audit
    Verify the design of your lifts according to international design codes

Some circumstances, an existing client or potential client may request that ISO 17025:2017 Certificate is provided by an Accreditation Body which has itself been independently audited, certified and accredited by one of the only three recognised UK Accreditation Body which AIUK.
The Globalqcert Laboratory have ISO 17025:2017 certificate of AIUK in the elevator test field it is in accordance with the requirements of EN 81 standard